LMN launches 21.03

The product has a number of new features including the ability to filter reports by close dates.

April 1, 2021

LMN recently released 21.03, which includes new features listed below.

  • A new analytics menu with four new dashboards

    Immediately surface customer requests for better customer service, stay up-to-date on what teams are working on to ensure company-wide alignment, and track estimate revenue and profitability to identify opportunities for growth.

  • Link multiple estimates together

    Link enhancements and change orders to your customer contracts. Understand exactly what profit is for all of your estimated work at the same property.

  • Close date added to estimates

    Independently track the estimate date from the estimate closing date. You can filter reports (including excel) by close date so that you can analyze how long it takes you to close your jobs. 

  • Customer portal signatures

    Now when a customer signs an estimate via the customer portal, their signature and initials are automatically inserted into the proposal PDF.