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As we head toward the end of 2016, chemical manufacturers are getting a head start on how they can help your company in the new year.

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CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate, an Intelligro brand, launched last year and continues to enter new markets across the United States with its most recent approval in California. The goal was to use technology to answer the needs of lawn and landscape professionals to create a solution that has staying power in an ever-evolving environment that demands sustainability and accountability.

It is as effective as the traditional three-way mixes but its microtechnology delivery system penetrates into weeds more efficiently, resulting in significantly less active ingredients required to kill weeds down to the root. It also addresses a common industry concern with a no-offensive-odor formula. As regulations and public interest in product makeup increase, a solution with fewer active ingredients will continue to be a competitive point of difference for lawn care businesses.

Syngenta offers free marketing materials LCOs can order to inform homeowners about topics like mosquito control, fire ant control and lawn disease identification. Additionally, new this year for the lawn market, GreenTrust Rewards gives LCOs opportunities to earn points from product purchases as part of the GreenTrust 365 program. Points can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards from Visa, Amazon, Lowe’s, Staples and more to purchase items for their business or reward their staff. Learn more at

The 2017 GreenTrust 365 Lawn Program kicked off Oct. 1 with new GreenTrust Rewards. The annual program provides LCOs with the Barricade herbicide Brand Bonus, a Pallet Solution, multipaks, ProductAssurances, SummerPay terms and more. LCOs can contact their local Syngenta territory manager or visit for more information on the program.


ProScape fertilizer with Acelepryn plus Dimension is finishing its first full season after a successful launch. Powered by the proprietary, non-coated nutrient sources of Meth-Ex (methylene urea), MESA (ammonium sulfate and methylene urea complex) and Expo (slow-release potassium), this combination product delivers season-long nutrition while providing season-long protection against crabgrass and grubs. One spring application of ProScape fertilizer with Acelepryn plus Dimension provides pre-emergent and early post-emergent control of crabgrass, as well as season-long control of other grassy weeds.

Additionally, it controls multiple insect pests including grubs, chinch bugs, billbugs and annual bluegrass weevils.


One of the biggest challenges in the industry right now is labor. We hear it from LCOs, and Lawn & Landscape has had more than a few stories about labor shortages and related issues. While we can’t help increase the labor pool, we can help LCOs alleviate other issues so they have more time to work on the labor problem.

For instance, the PBI-Gordon Early Order Rebate Program helps pros prepare for next season, so they can focus on tasks like building and training crews.

Through the PBI-Gordon Early Order Program, participating end-users must purchase a minimum $1,500 of PBI-Gordon qualifying products from a PBI-Gordon distributor between Oct. 1, 2016 and Jan. 15, 2017. End-users can maximize their rebate by placing an order before Oct. 31, 2016.

Rebate values can be as high as $412.50 per unit, and PBI-Gordon also offers a Bonus Booster plan. With a minimum purchase of $2,500 in qualifying products, end-users can earn an extra 1.5 percent bonus rebate.

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