NALP provides state-by-state guidance to COVID-19 business closures

NALP provides state-by-state guidance to COVID-19 business closures

As states continue to enforce lockdowns or “shelter in place” orders, NALP shares whether landscape services qualify as essential businesses.

March 25, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more states are instituting lockdowns or “shelter in place” orders that require non-life-sustaining, or non-essential, businesses to close.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals has released a state-by-state guidelines on how landscape companies in each state are affected by the state orders, and if there are any provisions that include landscaping services as an essential business. NALP will continue to keep the guidelines updated.

In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine asked all non-essential businesses to remain closed until April 6, 2020. A provision for critical trades, includes landscape services. The provision asks that those businesses continue to maintain safety and sanitation.

The complete state-by-state guidelines can be viewed here.

NALP’s official statement on how the industry is playing a role in the pandemic by protecting essential workers and the public health industry can also be viewed on its website.