New mulching products provide precision

Mulching products and accessories can ensure even and precise ground coverage.

American Road Machinery Terrain Pro

The pitch: Cut labor costs while spreading mulch, soil and gravel or vacuuming leaves and yard waste.

  • Available as a trailer, truck mount or hook lift skid.
  • Available in 10-yard and 15-yard configurations.
  • The wheelbarrow loads in 3-6 seconds unassisted.

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Express Blower Model EB-60

The pitch: The EB-60 is a large pneumatic blower truck that offers enhanced maneuverability and payload capacity.

  • Powered by transmission mounted PTOs, the EB-60 can blow up to 70 cubic yards of material per hour.
  • Use the EB-60 to efficiently apply mulches, soil blends, compost, playground chips and some aggregates for the erosion control, landscaping and green roof industries.
  • Adding the optional Supplemental Injection System to the EB-60 creates another business opportunity through our terraseeding process.

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FINN BB302 Bark Blower

The pitch: The BB302 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with efficiency and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application.

  • 1.5 cubic yard hopper capacity delivering more than 10 cubic yards of mulch per hour.
  • Reduces material cost from 20 percent to 40 percent by breaking up material clumps and producing an even mulch spreading pattern with fine particles on top.
  • Remote controls allow operator to control power and material flow from an operating distance.

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MulchTech Shield

The pitch: MulchTech Shield forms a blanket of mulch chips fused together on landscape beds, creating a covering that will stay in place under extreme conditions.

  • Will not allow a cigarette to burn into its surface, stopping mulch fires.
  • Blocks 95 percent of weeds and grass from growing to the surface.
  • Retains color and texture for many seasons and allows different colors to be used in the same area with no bleed through.

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