New software hits the green industry

New software hits the green industry

SynkedUP is a cloud-based web app and mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

July 20, 2021

SynkedUP, a project management software, helps to manage all the moving parts and demands of running a business: budgeting, estimating, scheduling, time tracking, getting info to crews out in the field, job costing and more. SynkedUP is available as a cloud-based web app and mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

SynkedUP emerged out of a landscaping company in Pennsylvania who believed that there had to be a better way to quickly and accurately price jobs. They wanted to automatically recover overhead and hit  profit goals, as well as manage the day-to-day demands and pressures of running a seasonal business. They started building this system in 2016 and did R&D for five years before launching the product.

SynkedUP is priced at $399/mo. which includes the first two users for free, and then each additional user  is $20/mo. There is currently a summer 2021 special where anyone who signs up before Sept. 30 can get locked in at a $299/mo. rate for the life of their account.

You can schedule a demo to learn more or get signed up here.

“We’re super excited to see the impact in businesses that have adopted SynkedUP into their operations,” Weston Zimmerman, co-founder of SynkedUP said. “Our vision is to help landscape businesses across  North America know their numbers and simplify their daily operations so they can be profitable. Essentially we help people transition from being owner-operators in their own businesses to actually creating the systems and processes needed to build a business that can or could run without them.”

This new product has been designed and built by landscapers, for landscapers. The tools and functions of the app demonstrate how equal attention is given to each role in the business.

SynkedUP users have been able to simplify their operations by going from running multiple  software programs, notepads, spreadsheets, etc. just to perform their daily operations to having everything inside of one system.

Crew communication is built right into the app, with offline access to digital job folders with job details, material lists, progress reports, files and attachments, and notes for every job. It leads to a reduction in phone tag between managers and crew members as crew members are no longer chasing down information about what they are supposed to do. On the flip side, the back office can stay in perfect sync with what is going on out in the field. As crew members complete tasks, the information is immediately available in the back office, shortening the time duration from work completed to work invoiced. Invoicing syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to provide online payments.

Defranco Landscaping, of New York, shares how SynkedUP has streamlined their operations in this video.