Noracore releases new blade sharpening technology

Noracore releases new blade sharpening technology

The EMBSX sharpens mower blades without removal.


TAMPA, Fla., – Noracore has developed a device that sharpens mower blades in minutes, without removal.

The EMBSX makes the job of blade sharpening faster and easier. The EMBSX utilizes a tungsten carbide grinding bit rotating at 13,000+ rpm, adjustable anywhere from 30 to 45 degrees to create a perfect edge every time. There is no jacking or removal required, just roll the device under the deck, use the built-in camera to line up the grinder with the blade and squeeze the trigger. The EMBSX eliminates the need to work under your machine with a grinder, often leaving sparks flying around.

Using the EMBSX very dull or even damaged blades can be made sharp in less than a minute per end.

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