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Alternative Power Special Report - Alternative Power Special Report

January 31, 2017

The commercial landscape industry is buying into propane. Commercial mowers powered by propane are gaining traction among landscape contractors at an impressive rate. The fuel is propelling professional landscapers to a better bottom line through lower fuel costs, less maintenance and increased productivity. Add in a clean emissions profile and it’s easy to see why propane mowers are winning over contractors.

Propane mower use has earned a firm footing in the commercial landscape industry ever since influencers began putting resources behind developing propane solutions in 2012. In 2016, more than 15,000 commercial mowers were in operation across the country. Currently, 14 manufacturers offer dedicated propane mower models.

As peer-to-peer validation of propane’s benefits continues to spread, 2017 figures to be another year of growth. The Propane Education & Research Council is offering more tools and resources than ever to assist contractors interested in transitioning their fleet to propane.

For starters, in March, PERC is partnering with Lawn & Landscape to host a free webinar that will discuss propane’s benefits and help contractors get started on the path to propane. Visit bit.ly/lawnperc to register.

PERC is also launching The Cut, a quarterly e-newsletter designed to keep contractors up to speed on all things propane in the commercial landscape market. The Cut will keep you in the know and bring you all the relevant tips, tricks, resources and tools to help you maximize your investment in propane. The first issue of The Cut will be delivered next month, and you can sign up for free at propane.com/TheCut.

The overwhelmingly successful Mower Incentive Program from PERC is once again available for contractors still making equipment purchases prior to the busy season. The program assists contractors by reimbursing them $1,000 for every new propane mower purchase. The program also rewards $500 toward a qualified conversion kit. To date, PERC’s Propane Mower Incentive Program has helped put more than 4,000 new commercial propane mowers in the field in 43 states around the country.

We’re excited for 2017 – and beyond – as propane continues to make a compelling case to contractors as the fuel that’s best for business.

Hear what your peers are saying about their switch to propane at propane.com/commercial-landscape. Here’s to a successful year!

Jeremy Wishart

Deputy Director of Business Development,

The Propane Education & Research Council