Oregon expands 120V Professional Series

Oregon expands 120V Professional Series

A new handheld blower and self-propelled mower were added to the line.

November 25, 2019

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon announced today the expansion of the 120V Professional Series suite of battery-powered landscaping equipment with the addition of a self-propelled 21” commercial walk-behind mower and a new handheld blower. 

“Our new mower and handheld blower continue to round out our collection of professional-grade equipment, allowing our landscaping customers to leverage the Oregon 120V Professional Series’ quiet performance on even more jobs,” said Paul Vanderwal, Sr. global product manager for Oregon. 

The new BLH120VX handheld blower combines an air speed of 166 mph with volume of 530 CFM to boast a blowing force of 18.5N, all while maintaining a very civilized 56 dB(A) bystander noise level. And like all of Oregon’s 120V Professional Series, its weather-ready IP56 dust and water protection standard sets them apart from other battery equipment. 
“The handheld blower is perfect for the quick, grab-and-go jobs landscape maintenance professionals perform, with plenty of power and significant run-time,” said Vanderwal.
Oregon’s 21” self-propelled mower offers commercial durability with a 14-gauge high-lift steel deck and 2-speed heavy-duty transmission. The large-capacity 2.5-bushel rear bagging design also offers mulching capabilities and cutting heights from 1” to 4.5” in half-inch increments. This mower is designed for heavy use in all kinds of weather with the 120V Professional Series’ standard IP56 rating and a 2-year commercial warranty.
The new Oregon LMA 120VX is powered by a stout 4.4 HP peak power engine, developing 7.0 ft-lbs of peak torque that allow it to contend with comparable 197cc gas-fueled competitors. With Torque Boost technology that increases power when the mower senses heavier loads, the LMA120VX still maintains its low-noise profile, hitting a maximum bystander noise level of 61 dB(A) and dipping to 58 dB(A) with its battery-saving Stealth Mode. 
All Oregon 120V Professional Series tools are fueled by Oregon’s unique interchangeable 120V battery platform. For handheld tools, the platform places the large capacity battery in a comfortable backpack-style carrier for reduced tool weight, better maneuverability and overall ergonomics for operators. The 22N force backpack blower and the new 21” mower carry the battery on board. Available in two capacity levels, the BX975 is a 972 Watt hour power pack, while the lighter BX650 offers a robust 648 Watt hours. 
“Along with Oregon’s original suite of 120V Professional Series tools, the new 21” mower and handheld blower are impressing commercial landscapers throughout North America as they are shown through Oregon’s direct demo and trial programs,” added Vanderwal.