Past & present

New homeowners wanted to restore this 1928-Italian style home and the grounds surrounding it.

The client and lead landscape architect, Sara Furlan, of Mariani Landscape, envisioned a series of elegant garden rooms that complemented the architecture and scale of the house while encouraging outdoor family living.

The design intent was to create a landscape that respected the history of the property while incorporating new, functional requirements of the residence such as access to an underground garage, the use of heated driveways and a needed bluff stabilization.

  1. The owners didn’t anticipate using the pool in the back garden, so it was turned into a water feature with arching jets.
  2. To create an unobstructed view of Lake Michgan in the back garden and to avoid city-mandated handrails near stairs, three levels were created with bluestone:
  3. back patio, pool terrace and lake overlook. 3.
  4. Conversation areas were created on the three levels including a dining area near the water. The steep slope next to it features variety of daylilies, sumac, rugose roses and hydrangeas.
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