Planalytics forms PROServices division

This will support weather-impacted service industries including turf and landscape professionals.

March 30, 2021

BERWYN, Pa. – Planalytics, Inc. has announced the formation of a new Professional Services Division to provide weather insights and demand analytics to support manufacturers, distributors and retail service providers involved in turf and landscape, heating and cooling and several other major weather-impacted categories where service performance is critical.

“We are forming this new division to better focus on the unique needs of our pro services customers,” said Planalytics founder and CEO, Frederic Fox. “Our ProServices division will build upon our proven record of delivering advanced weather dem and analytics and exceptional value return to manufacturers, retailers and service providers globally. Our focus with this service, as with everything we do, is to help our customers understand and manage the risks / opportunities associated with weather and how their customers respond to different weather drivers.”

For businesses that support turf and landscape professionals, the weather challenges are even more complicated.

“Manufacturers and distributors of products to prevent or eliminate pests have the added challenge of having enough products on hand to match practically any weed, insect or disease situation that may arise,” Fox said. “But with so much pressure on managing working capital, companies are constantly struggling with how much to produce, where and what to warehouse and when to replenish.”

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