Plants For Clean Air Council To Cease Operations

The Plants for Clean Air Council (PCAC) has announced that it is ceasing operations following its 11-year reign.

October 23, 2000

DAVIDSONVILLE, Md. – The Plants for Clean Air Council (PCAC) has announced that it is ceasing operations following its 11-year reign as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to communicating the environmental benefits of plants in living spaces. The organization made the decision at a time when funds were at an all time low. According to the organization, rather than go into significant debt to continue operations, the volunteer leadership decided to begin the shut down process.

Jan Roy, PCAC director, has been with PCAC since the early days of the organization and agreed with the decision. "Unfortunately the industry has voted with its checkbook not to continue supporting the efforts of the organization," Roy said.

Due to the financial situation, the office will discontinue operations Oct. 31. There has been some discussion regarding the continuation of the organization’s web site at if a sponsor can be found for maintenance purposes. The site receives on average, 6,000 visits per month.

"This is the only responsible decision that can be made," said Chris Raimondi, long time supporter and current president of PCAC. "Over the past year, dues paying sponsorship has declined to the point that we just can’t continue."

Originally called the Foliage for Clean Air Council, PCAC represents the green industry by conveying a consistently positive message about foliage and flowering plants. Research by the organization has resulted in discoveries of the air-cleaning abilities of plants. Based largely on the work of Dr. Bill Wolverton, formerly of NASA, PCAC has won the positive attention of governments worldwide, the architectural and design community, facility and office managers, homeowners and apartment dwellers. Additionally, school age children throughout the United States and abroad have been a focus of the organization’s outreach.

According to PCAC, the average American, when asked, now knows that an environment enriched with living plants is the best environment in which to live and work. Therefore, the organization stated that PCAC leadership, Dr. Wolverton and countless volunteers and sponsors should feel good about the work of the past 11 years.

"The Interior Growth Initiative, which is now in the process of becoming a reality, will absolutely include the Plants for Clean Air message," said Roy. "PCAC data and historical information will be fully available to the group developing the message for the Interior Growth Initiative."

For more information about PCAC visit its web site at