Pool or bust

Hardscape Profit Builder - Hardscape Profit Builder

A West Coast company had to fit a big job in a small space.

September 12, 2016

Photos courtesy of Solena Landscape

This project posed a challenge as the space Solena Landscape and owner/designer Mitch Kalamian had to work with was limited. But the homeowners in Huntington Beach, California, were adamant they wanted a pool they could swim laps in, as well as a spa that could accommodate their large family and a handicapped child.

  1. With the newly remodeled house taking on an Asian-contemporary theme, Kalamian decided to incorporate slate, brown glass pool tile and pavers to compliment the exterior of the house.
  2. Large Vietnamese pottery was brought in to add a unique water feature into the pool, and a fire pit at one end of the spa helped add depth and dimension to an otherwise rectangular yard.
  3. Stucco was applied to a concrete block wall, which provided a smooth texture that lent itself to the clean lines of the contemporary vibe desired for this project. That, along with the horizontal ledgestone panels and traditional shape of the pavers, tied the project together and gave it character with “just the right amount of pop.”