New digital platform gets into robotic mower game

Pyoor aims to connect consumers with local green vendors, now including robotic mowing services.

June 9, 2021

OLD GREENWICH, Conn.Pyoor, a new online digital platform aimed to connect eco-conscious consumers with local green vendors is bringing robotic lawnmowers to the homes of many in June of 2021. The company’s landscape service is incorporating the use of small robots to mow lawns in a more environmental-friendly and efficient way.

“The landscaping industry in the U.S. generates harmful pollution into our air and is contributing to our climate crisis,” says Founder Heidi Horn. “The solution to this is simple, robotic lawnmowers are an excellent alternative to the traditional gas-powered mower.”

Pyoor’s green lawn care service utilizes battery-powered mowers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate the noise that typically results from traditional lawnmowers. The use of robotic lawnmowers is more commonly seen in Europe. Horn has brought this practice from her homeland in Norway.

In addition to Pyoor’s green lawn care, the company offers non-chemical home cleaning and at-home eco-friendly hairstyling that strictly uses organic products. The company provides one platform that connects consumers to local green businesses near them. The platform is ideal for those who wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle and is looking for an online portal to book services.