Rainbow Treecare promotes Lindberg to lead technical advisor

Erik Lindberg began at Rainbow two years ago as a PHC technician and worked his way up to R&D.

September 10, 2019

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements has promoted Erik Lindberg as the new lead technical advisor. 

Lindberg’s role as lead technical advisor is to help tree care and landscape companies by working with them to help create treatment plans for insects and pathogens like Emerald Ash Borer. He must also be a resource for technical-related questions surrounding all RTSA products. He'll speak at conferences, workshops and seminars about plant health care issues and solutions, plus identify solutions to problems within the ornamental landscape market surrounding PHC needs.

Erik has been with Rainbow for over two years. He began as a PHC technician and worked his way up to research and development, conducting numerous amounts of studies while working with leading extension office members. He holds a bachelor's degree in ecology and environmental biology from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, along with a Master's degree in biology with an emphasis on forest ecology from Texas Tech University. 

“I'm incredibly excited to take on this new role as Lead Technical Advisor and to have the opportunity to work personally with companies and government entities," Lindberg said. "I look forward to providing expertise in implementing the tested and proven PHC results that RTSA has worked so hard to accomplish, especially around emerald ash borer.”

Lindberg is available via phone 952-252-0545 or email (elindberg@treecarescience.com).