Ring in the new year

Start off 2023 the right way with new products that can help with various industry services.

Earth & Turf Products Drop Spreaders

The pitch: The new line of products will spread dry, fine materials with 15 precise settings.

  • These spreaders are designed in 3-, 4-, and 5-foot models to accommodate those looking to spread dry lime, seed and fertilizer.
  • It provides a more affordable quality option with a simpler build, leaving the box lid and second agitator as options, and also changing to 14 gauge painted steel box and removing the main auger clutch.
  • They will have a thick axle to handle their full box capacities of lime and other heavy materials. The spreaders also include 23-inch x 12-inch tires.

For more info: earthandturf.com

Toro’s Electric Ultra Buggy

The pitch: The electric Ultra Buggy’s can haul up to 2,500 pounds of material, making it ready to handle even the most challenging material handling applications.

  • The electric Ultra Buggy is powered by Toro’s proprietary HyperCell battery system. HyperCell is optimized to deliver up to an eight-hour continuous runtime.
  • When it needs charging, the on-board charger conveniently plugs into a standard 120v wall outlet and fully charges the machine in up to eight hours.
  • Featuring a compact design, zero-turn-radius steering and a narrow width of 31.5 inches, the new electric Ultra Buggy can fit through a 3-ft door with a crash bar.

For more info: toro.com/en

Grasshopper’s SO26

The pitch: The 4.5” adjustable control tower, zero-turn pivot point and the shock-absorbent operator platform provide maximum comfort and ease.

  • Grasshopper’s first stand-on mower has an Adjustable Command Center Tower that provides 4.5” of range and easy accessibility to levers and controls. The extra-wide, extra-thick pad provides all-day operator comfort.
  • The EZ Deck Lift Lever allows for easy adjustment of cutting height. The transmission and engine are mounted on the deck, ensuring no damage to drive belts or engine components when adjusting your deck height.
  • The Anti-Slip Operator Platform’s shock-absorbent coil-spring suspension gives you the smoothest ride possible.
  • The SO26’s 810 cc OHV B&S Vanguard engine is perfectly matched for your choice of either 52” or 61” extra-deep DuraMax decks.

For more info: grasshoppermower.com

John Deere 200 G Tier Excavator

The pitch: The latest addition to the John Deere lineup of mid-size excavators is the brand-new 200 G-Tier.

  • Helping to enhance efficiency and reliability without sacrificing power or torque, the PowerTech 4.5-liter engine on the 200 G-Tier delivers optimal performance for operators of all skill levels.
  • The easy-to-maintain, high-uptime exhaust filters help decrease downtime for service while the in-monitor adjustable flow and pressure auxiliary hydraulics can be controlled using the auxiliary function lever.
  • The Powerwise Plus hydraulic-management system in 200 G-Tier combines extra ability with smooth control and pinpoint finesse.
  • With the push of a button on the joystick, operators can boost power and toggle on automatic boom-up and lifting functions.

For more info: deere.com/en/

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