Scale your landscape business with the right tools

Bryan Mours, vice president of customer experience at Aspire Software

If you’re a landscape business owner looking to scale your operation, technology must be a key part of your growth plan. A solid software system that offers end-to-end visibility and functionality helps you and your teams operate more efficiently and at a higher level, helping you attract new customers and garner repeat business from current customers. You can grow your business, potentially opening more offices and hiring more employees, or acquire competitors.

A fully integrated solution like Aspire helps make all the essential functions of your business easier for you and your teams. Here’s why more than 70,000 users managing more than $4.5 billion in landscape industry revenues use and trust Aspire.

Get more profitable with better estimates

Growth starts with profitable estimates, and Aspire helps make estimating easier and more accurate. By leveraging job costing data that’s updated in real time, you can create estimates based on actual historical job costs, instead of guessing on labor hours or material.

At Aspire, we’ve taken our estimates to a whole new level with our property intelligence solutions. With our recent acquisitions of property measurement solutions, Go iLawn and LandOne, our users have even more tools to create better estimates. Subscribers to either solution have the ability to capture an aerial view of a client’s property. They can then measure property dimensions and search and add takeoff items in Go iLawn or materials in LandOne. Both solutions are integrated into the Aspire platform, so users can send their property measurements and material quantities directly to Aspire with the click of a button.

These integrations yield more precise and detailed estimates—and a clear visual of the job for your clients, bringing you that much closer to winning the work.

Manage your people

Communication is paramount when it comes to the landscaping business. Aspire’s mobile app helps you see your people in the field, and the schedule board provides you with a look at where each job stands in real time. Crews can access and log notes, and attach photos of their job sites—helping your teams capture and view vital information wherever they are.

Accountability and visibility into your data is necessary for any team to perform at the highest levels. Aspire’s P&L reporting by branch, division, property, service, account, manager, crew leader, or crew gives you a customized view of how your teams are performing—so you can adjust course when it matters, and not when it’s too late to impact the job.

Centralize and automate your processes

Centralizing your data, streamlining all of your essential processes, and creating solid standard operating procedures helps create strategic, scalable growth. More efficient and intuitive workflows enable more effective onboarding and training—and lead to more confident teams. Powerful business management software can also be used as a useful recruitment tool, because demonstrating your commitment to working better can help you attract more savvy, quality talent to your company.

Don’t wait for the “right” time to commit to the right software. The tools you need for scalable growth exist today in Aspire.

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