Service Autopilot announces new Accelerate program

The company is now offering the option for members to purchase unlimited client communication services for their field service business.

January 6, 2021

DALLAS – Service Autopilot has announced its new Accelerate program. With this new service, Service Autopilot will import an unlimited amount of documents, forms and automations.

 SA’s Accelerate will speed up operations for any Service Autopilot Member, regardless of membership level, no matter the business size or years in business. With the new Accelerate program, all field service business members will have the ability to immediately leverage the most advanced features within Service Autopilot.

Service Autopilot has created three tiers to meet the individual needs of members.

Tier 1

Ideal for businesses that are just getting started with a limited budget. Save time by getting all documents uploaded or modified with the click of a button.

What’s included: Documents

●       Estimate Documents

●       Communication Emails

●       Invoice Emails


Tier 2*

Geared toward businesses that want to generate leads and client communications through form fills, surveys and more. By strengthening client communications, they can win more clients and nurture relationships with current clients.

What’s included: Documents & Forms

●       Estimates

●       Jobsite checklists

●       Client opinion surveys

●       Website lead captures

●       Collect credit card info (and updates)

* Note: To join Tier 2, Members must have a Pro or Pro Plus Membership.

Tier 3**

Get unlimited documents, forms and automations created just for members by a Service Autopilot Team Member. This is the tier designed for members on the Pro Plus level. They will be able to fully automate their business.

What’s included: Documents, Forms, & Automations

●       Estimates

●       Contracts

●       Jobsite checklists

●       Upsell campaigns

●       Service reminders

●       Automated reports

●       Past due reminders

●       Estimated follow ups

●       Website lead captures

●       New client welcome campaigns

●       Collect credit card info (and updates)

●       Automated surveys (for 5-star reviews)

** Note: To join Tier 3, Members must have a Pro Plus Membership.

 Click here for more information about the new Service Autopilot Accelerate program.