Shining stars

Sean Blair, one of Lawn & Landscape’s 2021 Employee of the Year honorees.
Photo courtesy of Sean Blair

Every year we highlight individuals who are not only standout employees at their workplace, but who are also kind, compassionate and looking to make a difference. As you read about this year’s honorees, you’ll learn what sets them apart in and out of the green industry. You can also head to our website and see Employee of the Year winners from years past. Head to now. Check the page periodically as the 2022 application will be up later this year.

Prioritize technology

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Our annual tech report is included in this issue. We surveyed hundreds of companies, so find out what technology they are using more of, how it’s benefiting them and how they’ve gotten their employees on board with using it. You can also take a look online at some of our tech reports from past years and see how things have changed and what’s trending now. Visit:

It’s getting closer

The Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference is fast approaching. From drones to electric equipment to how technology can help profitability, retention and customer service, you’ll be ready to fully embrace technology after attending this fun and educational opportunity! The event is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 31, through Thursday, Sept. 2, in Orlando, Florida. Pricing, hotel information and more is available at

Simple service opportunities

Giving back is important — and there were plenty of opportunities to do so in 2020. We talk to Mike Haynes, founder of Loving, in a recent podcast to discuss his latest venture, Industry Collective. This project is designed to create a positive impact by connecting landscaping companies across the country with service projects they can take part in locally. Take a listen to our “Doing your part” podcast to learn more about Haynes, Industry Collective and ways to get involved. You can find it here:

A positive outlook

Harvesters Ed Laflamme and Alison Hoffman give an update on how the economy is faring and how the green industry is reacting. They look at impacts of COVID vaccines, material costs, real estate and more. Also, find out the four things Ed thinks landscapers should be paying attention to right now. Watch the video online here:
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