SmartRain launches upgraded web application

Some updates include interactive Google mapping and an improved user experience across interfaces.


SALT LAKE CITY – Smart Rain has launched a new and freshly updated web application designed to help landscapers and property managers better manage their irrigation watering needs. The web app will feature some key enhancements including interactive Google mapping in map view as well as improved user experience on any desktop computer, laptop or other device.

Smart Rain customers have come to expect continued feature releases and updates to their technology. Smart Rain believes this will positively impact all their customers when it comes to desktop use and in office applications, with increased functionality and visibility. Other features include a new dashboard view from your computer, increased visibility into site applications and adjustments that can be performed remotely.

Dan Hymas, president of Smart Rain believes that this new web site application and interactive mapping continues to be a game changer for managers and landscapers. “Our customers have come to expect only the best in technology. Our system is built on the latest web applications with interactive displays so it can be used from any type of device. With continued ease of functionally it allows for managers to more quickly make adjusts, conserve water and save money.”