Software Technology Year In Review

We’re fortunate to live in a time of rapid technology innovation, and there’s no question that modern software continues to transform the industry. That’s why FieldRoutes is proud to sponsor this year’s State of the Business Management Technology Market report by Lawn & Landscape magazine.

As the lawn care industry grows and evolves, technology’s role is more vital than ever. Companies that benefit from time-saving automation are at a significant advantage over those that continue to struggle with antiquated solutions or generic tools that lack key, industry-specific features.

2022 has been an exciting year for FieldRoutes. We officially became a ServiceTitan company and joined forces with ServicePro—which has recently been rebranded as ServSuite® by FieldRoutes. This alignment allows us to collectively better serve our customers and truly become the best-in-class solution for the green industry.

All of us at FieldRoutes and ServSuite® by FieldRoutes are honored to be able to support this industry with the technology needed to grow quickly, operate efficiently, and compete effectively. We understand your struggles today with decades-high inflation rates, high gas prices, and the ongoing labor shortage. We recognize it’s important to make the most of what you have available to you right now. That’s why we’ve focused on advancing our solutions to help our customers overcome these challenges.

Lawn-specific features like the ability to optimize routes by vehicle chemical capacity, technician skillset and certifications, and same side of street routing get your team to their appointments quickly and efficiently. They also help minimize drive time, vehicle wear and tear, and fuel expenses—all of which contribute to your bottom line.

To combat the need to hire more sales team members, we’ve launched the new FieldRoutes Mobile app, which enables technicians to service customers efficiently and effectively close more business. It offers the convenience of accepting payments and getting contracts signed in the field, which makes it possible for technicians to start servicing customers the same day.

Our latest feature, Tech Tipping, provides a great way to increase your employee retention by empowering your customers to reward service that goes above and beyond at the time of payment or when a positive review is posted—all without impacting your bottom line.

Among all the results in this report, one of the most import keys to successfully scaling your business to optimum growth is choosing the right software and technology partner. We’d love the opportunity to see how we can help you. Give us a call, and let’s talk about the future of your business.

William Chaney
Chief Executive Officer

October 2022
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