SOLitude Lake Management acquires Aquatic Systems

The acquisition was first completed in January, but all services and infrastructure were unified this month.

November 25, 2019

SOLitude Lake Management, a provider of lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management solutions, acquired Aquatic Systems in January 2019. All company service offerings and infrastructure were officially unified this month.

The rebranding of Aquatic Systems expands SOLitude's existing operations across 12 Florida offices. Outside of Florida, SOLitude manages aquatic resources in 35 states.

Established in 1977, Aquatic Systems was a freshwater resource manager in Florida for over four decades. The company provided eco-friendly wetland and preserve management services, shoreline aquascaping and stabilization, water quality restoration, midge fly assessments, research, consulting and more. ASI also possessed three in-house laboratories used to examine water samples, identify algae and aquatic plant species and diagnose imbalanced water conditions.

Through the rebranding, SOLitude welcomes 106 experienced professionals to the company’s team, which now includes 445 biologists, environmental scientists and other lake management experts. 

Former ASI clients should expect to receive the same level of customer service under the SOLitude brand and look forward to leveraging new, innovative service offerings, including premium fisheries management, nanobubble technology, mechanical hydro-raking, and advanced erosion control solutions. Clients will also gain access to SOLitude’s Knowledge Bank, which contains informative industry guides, scientific articles, educational webinars, case studies and more.

“We are honored to join forces with one of the most reputable and accomplished freshwater management teams in the country,” said Kevin Tucker, CEO of SOLitude Lake Management. “The scientists at Aquatic Systems are respected across the industry for their extensive knowledge and experience, premium services, and dedication to preserving the health and balance of the environment."