Sperber partners with Conserve LandCare in Coachella Valley

Sperber partners with Conserve LandCare in Coachella Valley

Conserve LandCare owners will continue with the business in their existing roles and will retain some ownership.


CALABASAS, Cali. – Sperber Landscape Companies has announced a recent partnership with Conserve LandCare, headquartered in California’s Coachella Valley.

The addition of Conserve comes just months after the newly launched SLC brand announced their first acquisition of Kujawa Enterprises in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since its inception in 2010, Conserve LandCare has become recognized as one of Coachella Valley’s most prestigious commercial landscape companies. With over 350 employees and an existing client list that includes the region’s prominent commercial, resort, and retirement properties, Conserve provides offers maintenance, construction, enhancements, irrigation,water conservation and tree care services.

SLC’s Managing Partner Richard Sperber said the addition of Conserve LandCare comes with great excitement and potential for expansion. It's referred to as a partnership because the owners will continue on with the business in their existing roles and will be retaining a portion of ownership of the company. The partnership agreement was managed by Jeffrey Harkness of Three Point Group.

“We are proud to join forces with such a respected company in one of California’s most attractive regional markets," Sperber said. He also said that one of the key factors in securing this partnership was the leadership of the company by husband and wife founders, George and Teri Gonzalez, as well as Conserve’s Vice President, Bruce Wilson.

“Bruce was one of the original leaders of the Maintenance Division for my family’s former company (ValleyCrest), and his leadership and horticultural expertise reinforces my confidence in the success of this partnership," Sperber said. "We look forward to collaborating with George, Teri, Bruce, and the rest of the stellar Conserve team as we continue to expand upon the company’s impressive growth and market-leading