2021 State of the Industry report

Lawn's 2021 report: The industry took a slight step back from last season.

October 31, 2017

Every year, Lawn & Landscape releases its State of the Industry report, highlighting projected trends and the financial health of the industry. 

Last year, companies were bursting at the seams with work. 

Yes, there were challenges like lack of labor and supply chain delays, but overall, business was good for those in the landscape and lawn care industry. The numbers this year are still solid, but the percentage of companies that made a profit declined.

This year, 79% said they turned a profit, while 87% said the same last year. As far as revenues, the mean increased to $1.29 million compared to $1.03 million in last year’s report. The median took a slight dip, falling to $273,000 — which was also the median revenue in our 2019 report — from $297,000. 

It was not all doom-and-gloom in the green industry though. For the full report, click here.

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How does this stack up with last year?

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