2020 State of the Industry report

Lawn's 2020 report: Contractors remain cautiously optimistic despite global pandemic.

October 31, 2017

Every year, Lawn & Landscape releases its State of the Industry report, highlighting projected trends and the financial health of the industry. 

2020 was a strange year. In dealing with the global pandemic though, contractors remained cautiously optimistic. Data from before the pandemic suggested that the industry was healthy, and after three years of median revenue decreasing, it increased in our latest report.

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  • Before and after COVID-19 hit, contractors across the country were busy, but whether that continues is up for debate. Click here to read our report roundup.
  • Amidst the pandemic, it’s still uncertain what the economy will look like beyond the fall. Here’s how contractors are preparing
  • Cost affordable landscaping can be a gateway into the industry, and a revenue boost for companies ready to repair work that didn’t meet the customers’ needs. Click here to see how contractors have handled lowball competition.

How does this stack up with last year?

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