The way to spray

The right spray head or nozzle can assure water gets to all the right spots.

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles

The pitch: Rain Bird’s Rotary Nozzles have multiple rotating streams to deliver close-in watering and even coverage throughout the radius range.

  • Rotary Nozzles can be zoned with Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Rotor Nozzles.
  • Stainless steel radius reduction screw allows reduction down to 13 feet on the R13-18 and to 17 feet on the R17-24 to accommodate varying landscape needs.
  • Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles offer color-coded top plugs to help you quickly identify the arc/pattern, and color coded radius adjustment plugs.

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Hunter MP Nozzle

The pitch: The MP Nozzle delivers multiple streams of water at a steady rate, allowing water to gently soak into the soil for even distribution.

  • It has the ability to control the amount of water flowing through the nozzle at various arc and radius settings.
  • The nozzle pops up from its protected position only after the riser is fully extended, providing a defense against dirt and debris.
  • The standard MP Rotator line applies water at 0.4 in/hr, while the SR Series has a precipitation rate of 0.8 in/hr.

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K-Rain HE KVF Nozzles

The pitch: K-Rain’s High Efficiency KVF nozzles are good for contractors working with sprays in a variety of terrains.

  • The fully adjustable, female threaded nozzles fit the K-Rain Pro-S series and the NP spray bodies, as well as any other male threaded spray body on the market.
  • K-Rain KVF Nozzles can be easily set (no tools required) at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees, allowing sprinklers to be fine-tuned to exactly the precise pattern needed.
  • Available in 8, 10, 12, 15, and 17-foot configurations.

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Irritrol I-PRO Spray Heads

The pitch: Irritrol’s I-PROTM Series spray heads combine a pressure-activated wiper seal and advanced formula lubricant for troublesome stick ups.

  • A tapered lip design prevents debris from entering the body.
  • Prevents low-head drainage, eliminating flood or erosion damage by keeping water in lateral pipes in elevation changes up to 14 feet.
  • They are available in four pop-up heights with side inlet, pressure regulation and check valve options.

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Toro Irrigation 570Z PRX Series

The pitch: The 570Z PRX Series features 115 different nozzles to provide versatility in applications.

  • It comes with the X-flow water shut-off device, which is built into the riser and restricts water loss by 99 percent if the nozzle is removed or damaged.
  • The in-riser pressure regulator minimizes misting and fogging caused by pressures above 30 psi (2.1 bar).
  • With a small, 2-inch diameter cap, the nozzles are less visible, reducing damage from exposure.

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