Now's the time

Now's the time

With fall approaching, you should be considering aeration and overseeding programs.

September 4, 2019

Gerry White, owner/president of pH Lawn Care on the North Shore of Massachusetts, says his company actively sells aeration and overseeding by passing out a notice about the services with the summer application. “It’s not the be-all, end-all to fix a lawn, but the new grasses we’re using have better tolerance to diseases and pests,” he says. White says the minimum he charges for the services is $300.

Andrew Tomberlin, owner of TomberLawn in the Greater Charlotte area, began offering lawn aeration and overseeding when his mowing customers started asking about it. “By mid-summer, I get the word out to my customers that it’s time to start thinking about fall renovations,” says Tomberlin, who typically begins these services in late September through most of October. “I’ll do at least two passes on a lawn. If it’s compacted and has a lot of bare spots, I may do a few more.”

Tomberlin suggests watching your timing for aeration. “I don’t want the lawn to be soaking wet,” Tomberlin says. “I like to have a nice rain shower, and then do the aeration and overseeding the next day or so. If it’s too wet, you leave ruts in the lawn.”