Toro launches Z Master 7500

Toro launches Z Master 7500

The 96" gas mower is designed to up your crews productivity and save on fuel.


BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Toro's new Z Master 7500-G 96" gas mower is designed to keep your crew numbers to a minimum and enhance productivity.

Adapt to changing terrain on the fly automatically by choosing the right operating mode for the conditions with Toro's Horizon technology. The Horizon onboard intelligence platform enhances the performance of the machine in various mowing conditions, and protects the mower by monitoring engine oil temperature and pressure. 

The mowing deck can fold its wings up to 75 inches, allowing it to fit on most standard trailers. The wings flex up to 20 degrees and down to 15 degrees, which hug the ground as you mow, giving you a pro-quality cut on uneven terrain. And when your engine isn't on, you can still lift and fold the deck and run fans for cooling with the 40-amp charging system. 

"Our Z Master 7500-G series mowers are game-changers for landscape contractors, and we're excited for people to experience the incredible performance that these machines are engineered to deliver," said Mitch Hoffman, marketing manager at Toro. "It's a good feeling knowing that your mower is not only powerful and comfortable, but it also saves you money and time in the long run."

The mower also features a protective engine hood, bullnose bumper, 250-lb. Warner clutch and a 7-gauge deck. 

For more information on the Toro Z Master 7500 gasoline model, visit Toro's website