Tow-away zone

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A North Carolina couple needed more out of a driveway than somewhere to park a couple of cars.

May 2, 2016

Photos courtesy of Southern Exposure and Next To Nature

With little street parking in Greensboro, North Carolina, the homeowners wanted a driveway that was more welcoming for guests. The clients tasked designer Tucker Beeninga, formerly with Southern Exposure and now with Next to Nature Landscape Design, and contractors from Southern Exposure to make that happen in four weeks.

  1. The clients wanted a driveway that tied into their backyard patio, allowing them to maximize their space when entertaining.

  2. The Techo Bloc Blu 80 paver color picked up on the roof tiles and the larger dimensions gave the driveway a modern touch, yet the texture was in keeping with the traditional and historic feel of the neighborhood.

  3. There was a large, old tree next to the location of the new drive. The roots were entangled throughout the driveway area. The crew had to hand dig that area to avoid damaging the roots or tree and did some creative compacting to ensure the driveway would be smooth for years.