Quality focus

Quality focus

New Visions Lawn & Landscape is rewarding crews for keeping standards high.

September 12, 2018

Michael Mould and Tiffany Tucker continue to shatter records at New Visions. This time, the duo made $120,000 in July, which was their highest revenue number since making $79,000 in March of 2018. 
But the rapid progress is no surprise, considering they joined the Turnaround Tour to get help managing that growth. 

“It's like a controlled chaos now instead of chaos,” Mould says. “We feel like we've got a grasp on the day-to-day operations and scheduling and everything like that. Even though there's a lot of work that’s hitting the schedule, we're doing pretty good on getting to everything.”

But just like in the spring, the growth was causing the quality of work on properties to slip.

To combat that, Mould has instituted a grading system. Each crew gets assessed on three yards a week. Crews start with a hundred points, and Mould takes off two points for any major mishap on that yard. If they go below a 90, they failed that property. Some examples of major mishaps would be weeds bigger than 3 inches, shrubs not trimmed and leaving debris in a yard. 

When crews pass two out of the three yards, they get an extra dollar per hour they were worked that week. Mould hopes to eventually get to the point where passing all three yards is the norm to get a bonus.

“I don't think (the crews) were used to doing yards as thorough as what we are trying to move towards – improving our quality,” Mould says. “So, it'd probably be discouraging. I wanted to give them those bonuses at first to encourage them, and then move to passing three out of three.”