Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care

Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care

Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care has had no trouble growing their clientele, but they’ve struggled with making internal adjustments to keep up with the growth.

January 30, 2020

For Frank Leloia, landscaping is a family business. He’s worked alongside his father at Custom Landscaping and Lawn Care since he was 12 years old. Now, he is the sole owner and the business has been in operation for nearly 38 years.

But things have definitely changed since 1982, and Leloia has seen the company hit a few road blocks trying to navigate through new growth, especially in the last 14 years.

The company has seen revenue increase from $450,000 to over $6 million with the expansion into other service areas like irrigation and chemical lawn care. Now that Custom is on the growth path, Leloia says they’ve been experiencing issues that are impacting their bottom line. “There are things that occur with a staff of 100 that didn’t occur with a staff of 20,” Leloia says. “We realized about five or six years ago that more areas of operations were needing attention and updating.”

While Leloia says he feels like the company has a good grasp on a lot of policies and procedures, he admits they’ve been struggling with HR-related operations.

Find out how the Custom team plans to make some changes in the February issue.