Using Insights to Tackle Pressing Industry Pain Points

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If you ask anyone in the landscape industry what’s been the biggest challenge they’ve faced over the last few years, you may get a dozen different answers. Between stricter emissions regulations, labor shortages, pent-up demand and tightening margins, professional landscapers are navigating countless stressors while trying to maximize productivity and performance.

Because of all this, I’m incredibly proud Vanguard® is sponsoring this year’s Lawn & Landscape 2022 State of the Engine Market research study. As a power solutions provider, Vanguard is no stranger to the challenges our industry is working to overcome. When setting out to solve any problem, knowledge, research and insights are among the most powerful tools.

We’ve heard from landscape business owners that crews are tasked with doing more work with less people. This means the equipment they deploy becomes an extension of their team. When a piece of equipment goes down, work will screech to a halt, upsetting the balance and efficiency landscape crews work so hard to perfect. Taking these insights from our customers into account, Vanguard has engineered innovations like the Vanguard Oil Guard System, which provides the industry’s first 500-hour oil change interval resulting in more uptime.

Environmental regulations are another concern we know is keeping our customers up at night. While this trend seems to be rapidly unfolding, Vanguard has kept a close eye on it for years. Our power application experts have been focused on bringing innovations to market that directly address emission concerns including combining electronic fuel injection (EFI) and electronic throttle control (ETC) technologies into a dynamic solution that provides smooth, consistent power while reducing fuel consumption.

Vanguard is also heavily investing in the development of reliable, rugged battery power. Drawing on years of industry research and customer feedback, Vanguard Commercial Battery Packs are engineered to meet the demanding needs of commercial turf applications. The battery pack’s roll cage design delivers maximum protection and is tested to withstand harsh conditions including extreme temperatures, vibration and excessive moisture and dirt. Our battery and other low-emission solutions are going to help our customers and landscapers confidently plan within the ever-changing industry landscape.

Backed by Briggs & Stratton, we look forward to continuing to challenge conventions with progressive innovations while providing our customers with unparalleled power and support. Please enjoy the insights gathered in this report and know Vanguard is applying them to solve the industry’s next great trial.

Jeff Coad
Vice President, Global Marketing and Product Management
Briggs & Stratton

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