Vanguard launches battery system

Vanguard launches battery system

The battery is a 5kwh, 48 volt electric solution.

October 16, 2019

Vanguard had entered the battery power market with its latest commercial lithium ion battery pack. The battery is a 5kwh, 48 volt electric solution. 

“We’re excited to build on our legacy as power application experts in introducing the first complete commercial battery solution to the turf market,” said Chris Davison, senior marketing manager, commercial power. “Briggs & Stratton has always been at the forefront of power application technology. The Vanguard Commercial Lithium Ion Battery and new 400 and 160 single-cylinder engines are leading solutions in power innovation.”

The customized Vanguard lithium ion battery along with the battery management system and battery charger work  together to deliver efficient power and performance. Briggs & Stratton collaborated with ARGO XTV, a manufacturer of extreme terrain vehicles, to apply the first Vanguard battery in a real-world application.

An ARGO XTR powered by Vanguard commercial battery packs will be onsite in the outdoor booth. For future applications, product managers see the Vanguard battery being integrated into the Ferris battery powered equipment linerup such as the Ferris Z1E as well as other current Vanguard customers.