Wilbur-Ellis delivers new lineup of blended fertilizers

The PERFECTION line includes more than 40 formulations.

February 18, 2021

AURORA, Colorado — Lawn care operators and landscape management professionals now have a line of high-performing blended fertilizers in Wilbur-Ellis’ PERFECTION brand.

“Our customers are looking for perfection, and we strive to help deliver it,” said Matt Wilkinson, Pro Markets portfolio manager, Wilbur-Ellis. “The PERFECTION brand fertilizer line is purposefully built to fit the needs of every lawn and landscape professional as he or she maps out seasonal nutrition plans for their customers.”

The PERFECTION line includes more than 40 formulations ranging from value-based nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sources, to high-quality nutrition blends that feature a range of proprietary branded technologies. These technologies include:

  • WIL-COTE polymer coated urea provides controlled release nitrogen
  • PURIC humic acid improves nutrient uptake
  • VERSATILE IRON-SHIELD adds a propriety iron source to every prill in the bag
  • NDURE 2.0 protects urea from the impacts of nitrogen volatilization

“PERFECTION offers the right fit for every lawn and every landscaped area, whether residential or business,” Wilkinson said. “The ingredients in each bag are designed to leverage Wilbur-Ellis technology, our high-quality manufacturing process and premium nutrient blends for turf growth.”