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Irritrol offers new mobile app, programmable remote

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Irrigation professionals can access product literature, spec sheets and more with the app.

| November 6, 2012

Irritrol has released a free app for both Android and Apple mobile devices to help irrigation professionals get their job done faster, easier, and cheaper.

Getting the app is the same as any other Android or Apple app – simply go to the Google Play store or iTunes store, search for “Irritrol”, and download the app. Upon installation, press the Irritrol icon. The Irritrol app has much of the key information offered on the Irritrol website, organized and optimized for mobile devices, but it also contains promotions exclusively for irrigation professionals. From the landing page, the app features four menus: Products, Bidding Specs, Media, and Support.

The Products section displays all products broken down by category, from controllers to sensors to rotors, and more. From each product’s page, it is possible to download a PDF for installation guides, sell sheets, and bidding spec sheets. There is likewise a Bidding Spec tab listing all Irritrol products linked to its Bidding Spec PDF. The Media tab allows users to view Irritrol’s entire library of how-to videos, helping contractors in a pinch. Lastly, the Support tab has Irritrol support information with links to quickly e-mail or call Irritrol technical support.

“Having the ability to now view product specifications from anywhere will save [contractors] valuable time”, says Dan Winterton, senior marketing manager for Irritrol. “In addition, they will also be able to e-mail product information quickly and directly to potential customers.” Truly, Irritrol’s new app puts the resources of Irritrol at your fingertips, saving irrigation professionals time, money, and effort.

Remote. To make irrigation troubleshooting and maintenance easier and faster, Irritrol introduced a new remote, the CRR (Contractor Residential Remote). Besides immediate savings in time and money, the remote includes advanced technology for future product enhancements and programming. Now, there is no need for running back and forth to the controller or for a second person at the controller with a walkie-talkie. Using the remote, an irrigation professional, working alone, can walk the green space activating and shutting off sprinkler zones as needed.

The Irritrol CRR remote will not only save money immediately, but also well into the future. The remote has “future-needs” technology built in for increased control, productivity and savings down the line. A USB port for a computer connection, and the open architecture of the microprocessor allow for yet-to-be developed features, firmware updates, and even the ability to work with future products using the same handheld remote.

One recent programmability example for enhanced control is an upgrade to the remote making it compatible with Irritrol’s CLIMATE LOGIC® weather sensing system. The system’s receiver listens for incoming data from an on-site weather sensor and then appropriately changes the watering schedule. The CRR’s handheld device, by itself, provides remote capabilities to the controller through the system’s receiver.

The Irritrol CRR Remote Kit includes the handheld remote, mini-receiver, and RJ-11 cable. The remote works by connecting the mini-receiver to the irrigation system controller. (The remote is compatible with over 50 irrigation controller models.) Commands sent from the remote will then operate the controller while the contractor is in the field. The range of the remote is approximately 1,000 feet (line-of-sight) from the controller. Lastly, one remote can access different systems with PIN codes, allowing contractors to troubleshoot and maintain many irrigation systems.

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