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Get the details on these chippers, shredders and mulchers that will help you be more productive.

Lawn & Landscape | November 1, 2012

Looking for a new way to tidy up a site after you and your crew have finished a job? Or maybe you just took on a project that needs a lot of land clearing.

Get the details on these chippers, shredders and mulchers that will help you be more productive.

Case Skid-Steer Chipper Attachment
The pitch: Case offers tree trimming and land clearing clean-up with a skid-steer chipper attachment.

  • The Case chipper has two mounts, so it can be set to feed in front or to the curb side.
  • A four-position manual valve controls the hydraulic feed roller with variable feed roll speed.
  • A built-in hydraulic jack makes feed roller maintenance quick and easy.

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ECHO Bear Cat Wood Chipper
The pitch: The ECHO Bear Cat 4-in. CH4400 Wood Chipper is replacing two 4.5-in. chippers, the CH45342 and CH45390.

  • The new model provides improved productivity with a double-banded belt drive to guarantee an equal transfer of power from engine to chipping blade
  • This machine has a 404cc Overhead Cam Subaru Engine.
  • This chipper is equipped with two reversible, heat treated ½-in. threaded chipping blades.

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EDGE Mulcher
The pitch: CE Attachments’ new standard-flow EDGE Mulcher attachment is designed for efficient mulching of brush and small trees.

  • Equipped with a safety pusher bar to force brush or small trees down and allow the mulcher teeth to contact the lower part of the brush.
  • The rest of the plant is mulched as the machine moves through the working area up to 1 in. below grade.
  • Features include 104 carbide-tipped teeth for long tooth life, smooth operation and fine mulch.

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Loftness TimberAx Skid-Steer Attachment
The pitch: Loftness TimberAx uses an exclusive knife system to cut grass, vines, brush or trees up to 6 in. in diameter, or intermittently cut material up to a foot in diameter.

  • The 17-inch rotor of the TimberAx features a reverse-rotation design to lift material off the ground.
  • The knives are constructed of durable, low-maintenance alloy and can be sharpened directly on the machine.
  • The TimberAx is available in 53-, 63-, 73- and 83-in. cutting widths and comes with a universal mount for attaching to all major makes and models of skid-steers.

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Patriot Products Wood Chippers

The pitch: Patriot Products has manufactured two wood chipper models, one gas and one electric.

  • The CSV-2515 features a 14-amp motor and a chipping capacity of 2-1/2 in. (diam.).
  • Weighs 96 lbs.
  • The CSV-2540B features two 12-in. wheels and a built-in handle for easier maneuvering, the ability to shred leaves and chip branches up to 2-½ in. (diam.) into coin-size chips.

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Vermeer Brush Chipper

The pitch: The Vermeer BC900XL has the ability to chip heavily branched material up to 9 in. (23 cm) in diameter.

  • The BC900XL features a large 9-in. x 14-in. (23 cm x 35.6 cm) feed opening.
  • A 33-in.-diameter (83.8 cm) disc rotates at 1,400 rpm and features two steel chipper knives with two usable cutting edges.
  • Two shear bars also have two usable edges to help extend wear life.

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