GeoRipper increases your profits, decreases your labor costs

MiniTrencher, manufacturer of the Original GeoRipper® and GeoRipper®T/A trenching attachment, has a reputation of helping contractors in the Green Industry increase their profits and decreasing labor costs.

The Original GeoRipper® comes complete with an engine, while the GeoRipper®T/A creates the “Swiss Army Knife” of powerheads and minitrenchers.  With both the Original GeoRipper® and GeoRipper®T/A, contractors are seeing the draw to something smaller and portable to help dig in areas they couldn’t before.

The GeoRipper®T/A uses new technology that enables users to convert their existing powerhead into a minitrencher and back into a cut-off saw in only five minutes. If you already own a concrete saw, this is a game changer providing dual functionality with one powerhead. The trenching attachment comes standard with the trenching adaptor, digging bar, two digging chains, tool kit and EZ Kart.

Both the Original GeoRipper® and GeoRipper®T/A trenching attachments have self-sharpening chains to dig through dirt, clay, roots and rocky soil with remarkable speed and ease. They dig a minimum two inches wide with maximum depth choices of 20” or 27” deep.

With more than 200 rental and retail dealers nationwide, contractors can see and experience GeoRipper® first-hand whether through renting or a demo.