Attentive raises $5 million in venture funding

Attentive will use these funds to build more products, including its sales automation platform launching next month.

Attentive Inc, a Delaware-based business management software provider for landscaping and outdoor service industries, recently announced raising $5 million from Sequoia India’s Surge Fund and InfoEdge Ventures. 

Attentive has built its automated property measurement platform for the $200B+ outdoor service industry. Their software currently serves the landscaping, snow removal, paving and pest control businesses. They are an AI-based solution.

“With rising inflation and labor issues, landscapers are looking to automate archaic manual workflows and gain efficiencies. We are the only ones with the technology infrastructure to truly automate traditional workflows and save time on manual tasks like measuring every site feature to bid on a new property. The funds will be used to further build the platform and add more modules to automate the remaining landscaping workflows,” said Shiva Dhawan, co-founder & CEO of Attentive.

Attentive is all set to launch its automated estimation and proposal software for landscaping & snow professionals on Aug. 8. This will allow sales teams to completely automate their proposal workflows, helping them focus more on prospecting and building customer relationships. You can learn more here.