Benchmarking your Business 2021

Check out our stories from this year's Benchmarking your Business Report.

Our 2022 report is now live!


As the industry, along with the rest of the country, begins to settle back into a more “normal” way of operating, most arrows are pointing up as far as pay, pricing and profits. In our Benchmarking Your Business report, we surveyed almost 600 landscape and lawn care professionals about the 3 “Ps” mentioned above along with other budget-related items.

We also have an online tool that allows you to find out how you measure up against companies across the country, which you can access at

How are contractors accounting for impending (and current) inflation? We covered that in this report. How do you get started on an effective budget, and what are lawn care contractors in particular doing to plan for the unprecedented? We covered that, too. But to read the full report in its entirety, click here.

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