Bobcat of Houston adopts new same-day delivery service

Bobcat goes through the recently launched TUYA Technologies for their internal and external supply transfers.

HOUSTON – Houston-based TUYA Technologies, a locally-built tech company, recently announced its inaugural market launch.

Led by veteran entrepreneur and CEO, John Oren, TUYA’s technology marketplace platform simplifies the shipping and delivery experience for drivers and the companies they serve.

Currently, Bobcat of Houston uses TUYA for their internal and external supply transfers in order to maintain their inventory (smaller equipment and parts) stocked across all Houston locations – keeping supply chain cost down while simultaneously meeting demand with same-day visibility at their job sites. Bobcat of Houston is among the early adopters of TUYA.

“Having spent decades in the industry, I’ve learned that same-day delivery is here to stay and is needed now more than ever. Many of today’s same-day delivery models can be compared to taxis before technology," Oren said. "Before, you would have to call and request your service with no visibility or transparency between you, your delivery, and your driver. TUYA’s disruptive platform makes current an industry that has been stuck in the past; making the process simple, easy and direct, while providing great value for both businesses and delivery professionals."

Designed and built by Houston-based engineers and entrepreneurs, is accessible by the TUYA website or the TUYA Shipper app.

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