H-2B loyal

The seasonal workers at Woodfield Landscape are a family.

The longtime, dedicated crewmembers at Woodfield Landscaping are like family and actually, many of them are actually brothers, cousins or related in some way. They come to Woodfield Landscaping every year in February and work through November via the H-2B program. Peter Curro, president, says the Washington D.C.-area company relies on this seasoned team. They’ve been with him for 17 years.

But, admittedly, the H-2B program is “a lot of stress,” Curro says. “I’ve been blessed and have been able to get our workers every year.” By July, his paperwork for 2018 was already submitted.

Curro estimates spending about $4,000 on advertising every year to prove that the company cannot fulfill its labor needs with domestic employers. “No one even applies anymore – no one,” Curro says.

He also works with a reputable firm, Mas Labor, to manage the paperwork process. Curro has been working with the firm since 2002, and previously worked with an independent attorney who stepped away from H-2B matters.

H-2B is critical to maintaining Woodfield Landscaping’s business model of keeping services in house. Plus, he has invested time and resources in training his guys over the years. They’re experts in the field. “We rely on the program,” Curro says. “We have built up a really great crew.”