Cuyahoga Community College wins NCLC in Mississippi

Tri-C finished second last year to BYU, which is this year's runner-up.

Philippe Nobile Photography | NALP

When the National Collegiate Landscape Competition wrapped for the 47th time ever last week, Cuyahoga Community College was left in the top overall spot.

Tri-C narrowly edged out Brigham Young University, last year's champion, for the title. NCLC was held at Mississippi State University.

Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and finished second last year.


  1. Cuyahoga Community College: 4712.26
  2. BYU Provo: 4701.32
  3. Mississippi State University: 4267.16


  1. Keith Rush: Tri-C
  2. Cody Byrd: Alamance Community College
  3. AJ McCoy: Columbus State Community College

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