Diamond Mowers standardizes Twin Chisel Planer Teeth

This cutting tool boasts the ability to be sharpened and rotated right on the mulching attachment drums.

Diamond Mowers has now made Twin Chisel Planer Teeth a standard feature across all its depth control drum mulching attachments.

This cutting tool, which boasts the ability to be sharpened and rotated right on the drum, is available exclusively to Diamond Mowers’ dealers and customers.

“The ability to sharpen and maintain teeth right on the drum is a major differentiator and time-saving convenience for our customers,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “It allows operators to quickly sharpen the cutting edge before every use to maintain optimal productivity. Plus, not having to remove teeth from the drum for sharpening and maintenance means less downtime in the field.”

Ideal for use with high-production environments and intermittent ground contact, Diamond Mowers’ Twin Chisel Planer Teeth are made of hardened steel for maximum strength and impact resistance. The tooth was recently enhanced through a joint development with Quadco, improving the cutting geometry and heat treat to increase durability and reduce fracturing. It also indexes better in the holder, which improves bolt retention and eases rotation for a longer effective life.

“Our Twin Chisel Planer Tooth delivers the best possible performance, impact resistance, and cost of ownership available, along with maximum convenience to keep our customers up and running,” Stachel said.

Twin Chisel Planer Teeth are now standard on all Diamond Mowers’ depth control drum attachments for skid-steer, excavator, and tractor platforms, including the SK Drum Mulcher DC Pro X, the EX Drum Mulcher DC Pro X, and the new TR Boom Drum Mulcher DC. Diamond Mowers also offers Four-Point Hardened Steel Teeth and Twin Maul Carbide Teeth, ensuring the right bite for every application.

In addition, all Diamond Mowers’ Drum Mulcher products come standard with a 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

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