Ewing to launch new contractor rewards program

The Ewing ProAdvantage Program will launch on Monday, Jan. 4.

PHOENIX – Beginning Jan. 4, 2021, Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply will be launching the Ewing ProAdvantage Program, a customer rewards program designed for irrigation and landscape contractors.

The ProAdvantage Program will feature reward benefits that can be redeemed for points earned on purchases, as well as business resources and discounts that can be utilized after signing up.

Built with contractors’ needs in mind, the ProAdvantage Program offers more than points and redemption options. The program’s intent is to aid contractors in all areas of business, including resources to help elevate the value and efficiency of their business model, discounts on back office resources like marketing solutions, accounting and payroll, proven workbooks and guides for all human resource functions and access to options allowing them to offer homeowner financing through Synchrony Financial.

These resources can be utilized right after signing up, with no points necessary. Points customers earn through purchases at Ewing can be redeemed for fun rewards like gift cards, merchandise, travel, event tickets and much more. 

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