GPS Insight integrates Geotab

As a reseller, GPS Insight will add Geotab products to its portfolio.

GPS Insight, a provider of SaaS-based fleet and field service management software solutions, announced it has entered into a reseller agreement with Geotab. GPS Insight joins the Geotab community not only as a reseller, but also as a consumer and distributor of data from Geotab’s best-in-class telematics devices.

Through this agreement with Geotab, GPS Insight will integrate the data driven by Geotab’s GO9 and future devices into its own proprietary fleet and field management software applications. For GPS insight, this agreement opens the door to a vastly expanded telematics dataset that will amplify its customers’ ability to effectively and successfully manage their businesses.

“Incorporating Geotab devices and data into GPS Insight’s fleet and field solutions will advance the industry’s access to best-in-class data, analytics and insights to do more with less, maximize efficiency, scale and grow,” said Shay Demmons, Chief Product Officer of GPS Insight. “We’re in the business of using data to solve customer challenges, and Geotab device data will provide an enhanced level of granularity to help us solve those challenges better than ever.”

For GPS Insight, the data feed provided by GO9 and future Geotab devices presents opportunities for an enhanced customer experience, including but not limited to OEM/deviceless tracking, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, diagnostics data for yellow iron, advanced safety detection and accident recreation, EV/HEV charging and battery data and winter machine telematics.



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