Greenius launches Custom Courses

Custom Courses allows companies to build their own unique lessons within the platform and assign them to their staff.

Greenius, an online training and onboarding solution built by landscapers for landscapers, received a major upgrade this week with the launch of Custom Courses, allowing companies to build their own unique courses within the platform and assign them to their staff. 

As a product of the Landscape Management Network suite, Greenius and the new Custom Courses feature further the company’s mission to help landscapers run better businesses. Custom Courses provide the tools landscape companies need to craft specific training materials, helping them fast-track the onboarding process, keep teams safe on the job, and reduce costly mistakes — a first of its kind for the industry.  

“Landscape businesses frequently struggle to properly train their workforce, which can lead to a loss of profits and an increase in injury and equipment repairs,” says Mark Bradley, CEO of Landscape Management Network. “With Custom Courses, employees will gain the specific knowledge they need to work smarter and safer, allowing the landscape industry to thrive.”     

With a user-friendly interface that works on any device in both Spanish and English, business leaders can create their own courses, a multi-question exam, and a field checklist. Created Custom Courses can range from showing where employees should park on their first day of work to an inside look at the lawnmower that needs to be started just the right way.

Attracting and keeping qualified labor remains the number one challenge facing green industry businesses today. Greenius and the newly launched Custom Courses broaden the available talent pool, giving landscapers the ability to hire and train anyone, regardless of their skillset. 

“The green industry consistently struggles with hiring and retaining employees each season,” Bradley adds. “Alongside Greenius’ built-in courses, the ability to customize courses will address those struggles.”

Featuring 120 courses and counting, that cover everything from personal safety to engine and fuel basics, Greenius is available as a free version or a PRO version starting at $97 per month, providing green industry businesses with a way to train their teams.