Greenworks unveils latest innovations

The company recently debuted a new mobile charging trailer, several zero-turn mowers and more equipment.

Greenworks Commercial, a provider of battery-operated outdoor power equipment, recently unveiled the Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer, a battery-charging trailer that allows landscapers to transport and charge all their tools and equipment onsite, overnight or while in transit.  


The Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer houses a 26KWH battery, capable of providing 32KW of constant charging energy, optimizing efficiency for landscapers and eliminating any runtime concerns. Its built-in temperature-controlled charging ports charge up to 18 82V handheld batteries, for use in trimmers, walk-behind mowers, string trimmers and edgers, blowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers in as little as 30 minutes, reducing the number of handheld batteries needed to complete a workday by 60%.

Optimus MCs’ three zero-turn mower chargers output 6000W each and are capable of charging a riding mower in as little as 75 minutes while allowing landscapers to conveniently charge their mowers inside or outside of the trailer.

With real-time 4G/GPS connectivity, management will have full visibility of their team while in the field, allowing them to stay updated with real-time metrics on battery status, trailer location and system functions via the trailer’s built-in LCD Screen Dashboard and Greenworks Fleet Connect (TM) app. This 4G/GPS connection also provides theft protection.

“For landscape managers looking to increase productivity while remaining green, the Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer is the perfect solution,” said Nick Suchoza, senior director of design at Greenworks. “Eliminate the hassle of loading and unloading fuel or batteries by plugging the tools and batteries into the trailer, plugging in the trailer and unplugging from the stress of excess work.”

Equipped with 3000W of solar power, an automated shutdown system and a security system with an HD camera, the design extends beyond these features. The 20’ Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer can transport and charge 20+ battery-powered tools, 36 handheld batteries and 3 full-size zero-turn mowers.

The Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer is complete with EV-style, rapid DC charging capabilities which can fully charge the 26KW battery in as little as 30 minutes at any EV charging station and has four individual 20AMP circuits for powering existing products on board.

The trailer can output 50A 240V to power a welder or recharge an electric vehicle. According to Greenworks, the Optimus Mobile Charging Trailer is designed to allow for an easier transition from gas to battery.

This 20-foot-long is scheduled to launch in Spring 2023.

Additionally, Greenworks also debuted several other new products including the OptimusZ Range, a line of commercial zero-turn ride-on mowers. The OptimusZ Range consists of:

  • 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch ride-on platforms with 18kWh and 24kWh battery modules
  • 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch large stand-on platforms with 18kWh and 24kWh battery modules
  • 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms with 8kWh battery modules

A new backpack blower is also being released. With CYCLONE FORCE axial fan technology, powered by high-performance brushless motor technology, and an 750 CFM and 220 MPH output from start to finish, landscapers have the capacity to blow away 10% more leaves than a gas counterpart. Weighing only 14.3 pounds, with a noise level of 72DB at 50 feet, this blower is equipped with a heavy-duty padded harness and waterproof dual-port battery compartment. 

Greenworks Commercial is also announcing a new 82V 16-inch front-mount string trimmer.

Built to perform, the new model 82ST12 trimmer allows operators 45 minutes of runtime on a single charge with the benefit of being 13% lighter. The trimmer provides a 16-inch cutting swath and a comfort overmolded ergonomic front handle and rear throttle as well as lightweight rear housing, improving balance and reducing operator fatigue.

The new 82-volt string trimmer utilizes a front mounted, direct drive commercial-grade brushless motor that produces 1.2 kW of maximum power to deliver continuous power through the toughest terrain without bogging down. With an included 8-amp dual port charger that recharges a 4Ah battery in 30 minutes.

Additionally, the company is releasing a new 24-inch commercial chainsaw, expanding its current lineup of 16-, 18- and 20-inch saw options.

With 4.3kW* Brushless motor, the 24-inch chainsaw exceeds any 70cc gas powered version on the is powered by the new 82V X6 6Ah lithium-ion battery pack with EnergX battery technology. With only 5.95 pounds of weight, the battery pack provides 4.5kW of continuous power output and up to 60 amps of continuous discharge current. The unit is also available with the newly developed 1.5kW X-Series charger with dual or six-port charging bank option that can charge the 82V X6 6amp battery pack with energX ™ lithium-ion battery technology within 20 minutes.

For more information on any of these products, visit the company’s website.