Jobber debuts new quoting features, optional add-ons

The company reports that upselling with add-ons has significantly increased the revenues in approved quotes.

TORONTO – Jobber, a provider of home service management software, has revealed new quoting features that give service providers the ability to create packages and incorporate optional add-ons for clients to choose.

The company reports that, based on data from customers already using these features, upselling with add-ons has increased the revenues from approved quotes by an average of 35%. In addition, service providers who added images to show off products and services on quotes saw nearly double the revenue than those who didn’t use images.

“With so much competition from large enterprises and other small businesses alike, it’s important for home service professionals to stand out when making a first impression,” said Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder at Jobber. “Our new quoting features do exactly that. Our customers can deliver a new level of professionalism through the use of photos and offer homeowners more control of their projects by providing options to customize their jobs in ways that will truly wow them.”

With optional packages, homeowners can be presented with tiered choices ranging from basic to premium. Jobber’s customers can display descriptions, photos, and prices for every package, so homeowners have all the information they need to select the best fit for their needs, budget, and style. Once a package or add-on is approved, quotes are updated automatically within the Jobber platform.

“Creating quotes with add-ons or premium package options is an easy way to sell additional work without the hours spent on extra phone calls,” said Shawn Cadeau, chief revenue officer at Jobber. “If a response hasn’t been received, an automatic follow-up will be sent so you never miss out on a job. All these features work in tandem so you can focus on what’s important—getting the job done right.”

To learn more, visit Jobber's website.

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