Husqvarna debuts newest chainsaws

The 572 XP and the 565 are all-new saws that highlight a series of products the company released last week in Asheville.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – On the same grounds where the nation's first forestry school was founded, Husqvarna officially introduced its five newest chainsaws to the North American market.

The entirely new 572 XP and 565 saws, as well as the updated 550 XP Mark II, 545 Mark II and T525, all feature higher cutting speeds and cutting capacities of their Husqvarna predecessors. The 572 XP and 565 also include improved AutoTune technology, which adjusts its carburetor based on air and fuel conditions every tenth of a second. 

Husqvarna also debuted a new line of Arborist Essentials and its C83, C85 and S93G X-Cut chains. The essentials pack includes new helmets designed for Class C or Class E use, as well as other basic equipment necessary for line setting and climbing. Meanwhile, the C83 (.050 gauge) and C85 (.058 gauge) are 3/8-inch full chisel chains, while the S93G is a semi-chisel chain. All three of the products are expansions to the preexisting X-Cut Series.

"Our commitment is to always deliver products that are relevant to our end users and provide the necessary productivity," said Per Kvarby, Husqvarna's global director of product management. "At the end of the day, it's about productivity. How much money can I earn as a professional user cutting down trees?" 

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Jeff Perry, a member of Husqvarna's H-Team, explains his cuts before felling a tree with a new 572 XP chainsaw. 

Kvarby said the company weighed the needs of clients involved in both harvest forestry and urban forestry. Whereas many clients are still buying chainsaws for logging, Kvarby said an increasing number of tree care specialists are trying to keep healthy green spaces within growing, urban cities.

With that in mind, Kvarby said the decision to create a variety in saws is because of the divergent needs of customers. Both the 572 XP and 565 are in the 70cc engine class, but the 572 XP is specifically designed for clients who require more power in the forestry segment. For users who don't need quite as much power and more maneuverability, the 565 may be best. The 550 XP Mark II and 545 Mark II are redesigned from their previous versions and are best used on mid-sized trees, though the 545 offers slightly less power than the 550. The T525, the latest installment in Husqvarna's compact chainsaw line, is ideal for limbing jobs, as it features an easy connect to a climbing harness and is the company's lightest gas-powered chainsaw to date.

"We are proud to provide the latest, state-of-the-art technology any innovative solutions to both our harvest forestry customers as well as our urban forestry customers," Kvarby said. "(The saws are) specifically customized for that end user."

Lawn & Landscape editor Jimmy Miller tries the 550 XP Mark II. 

Christian Johnsson, the company's product management specialist, said Husqvarna considered six main areas when designing its new saws: cutting capacity, cooling capacity, air filtration system, improving AutoTune, power-to-weight ratio and cutting speed. The company upgraded its heat shields, air filters, and cylinder cooling technologies, plus added wear-resistant felling marks to help guide users during cuts. The AutoTune feature on some of the saws is also an improvement over previous iterations, as Husqvarna's AutoTune used to adjust the saw's carburetor once every second rather than once every .10 seconds.

"You could hear when it adjusts, but with these saws, it happens so fast you can't even hear it," Johnsson said. "To be able to take (our saws), develop them further, is quite impressive."

The new 572 XP is available now for $999.95 MSRP, while the new 565 can be purchased for $939.95. The 545 Mark II is listed at $539.95 and the 550 XP Mark II is at $599.95. The T525 is available for $489.95. For more information on product pricing or details, visit the Husqvarna website.

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