NDS announces rebranding

Agrifim Irrigation Products and Flo Control Flow Management Products will now be NDS, effective immediately.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – NDS has announced the rebranding of its Agrifim and Flo Control products as NDS, effective immediately. With the brand consolidation, Agrifim irrigation products will now be branded as NDS Professional Irrigation Products, and Flo Control flow management products will be sold as NDS Flow Management Products.

NDS Professional Irrigation Products include Dura Flo CV, an all-in-one drip line solution that achieves a higher level of water conservation for a wide variety of applications, all without any root intrusion. NDS acquired Agrifim in 1999 to expand its product offerings to the drip irrigation market.
NDS Flow Management Products include the full line of Qwik-Fix and Pro-Span repair couplings for irrigation, plumbing, pool and spa, and industrial applications. Both product lines are made of high-impact, corrosive-free PVC materials and eliminate the need for solvent welding and precise cutting and threading of galvanized or steel pipes. NDS acquired Flo Control in 2000 to expand its presence in the irrigation market with valves and compression fittings.
"We are excited to announce a brand consolidation of Agrifim and Flo Control products as NDS," said Mike Gummeson, president, NDS. '"We have made significant investments over the past several years in our Agrifim and Flo Control products to ensure that they deliver the quality and performance for which our NDS brand stands. Our goal is to truly be the knowledgeable and trusted go-to partner for the best in water management solutions, and we are committed to further strengthening our products and customer service."
In place of the Agrifim and Flo Control names, shipping cartons and packaging for these products will now have the NDS logo, and these changes will be phased in over the next year. There will be no changes in parts numbers.
For more information about NDS Professional Irrigation Products, visit www.ndspro.com/irrigation. For more information about NDS Flow Management Products, visit www.ndspro.com/flow-management.
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