LMN launches VIP program

10 business owners were selected to attend a 3-day educational opportunity led by CEO Mark Bradley.

MARKHAM, Ontario – LMN recently launched its new #LMNVIP program. LMN hand-selected ten landscape industry business owners to document and share their experiences of growing and scaling their business using LMN.

LMN took its VIPs to South Beach Miami, Florida for a three-day kick-off trip spotlighting business education on LMN and its newest updates and how it will impact their business. LMN CEO Mark Bradley led the group to share his experience going from landscape business owner to co-founding the LMN software company.

Who are the #LMNVIPs?
The group in attendance of the #LMNVIP launch event included

  • Caleb and Brittany Auman of Auman Landscaping 
  • Shawn and Savanaha Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care,
  • Josh Jones of Mass Hardscapes,
  • Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care, and
  • Richey and Jessica Plemons of Plemons Lawn & Landscape.

Additional participants not in attendance include Stanley Genadek of Dirt Monkey University and Andrew Wilson of Cut and Clean.

"There is more to this program than getting LMN into the right hands," said Bradley. "We want to help these business owners achieve their personal and business goals over the next few years. I plan on working with them throughout the process to help them create their own success stories, and hope that they will inspire other landscape and lawn care business owners with their own stories."

The LMN Value for VIPs and Customers

The group received first-hand insight from Bradley's personal experience of growing a $50 Million landscape company, TBG, and launching LMN.

Some of the highlights he covered included:
-  LMN software ability to help landscapers organize budgets, categorize profits, and drive decisions about overhead and crew members.
-  Transparency is important. More referrals drive more business.
-  The average deal size is everything. Find your sweet spot in the market.

The biggest takeaway was Bradley's announcement of one-on-one business coaching with each of the groups present at the launch event.

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