New robot mower hits the market

Sensori Robotics new mower will be ready for trials in Texas this summer.

DALLAS — Sensori Robotics, founded by brothers Ross and David Melbourne, has launched a lawn mowing robot. After three years of research and development, the robot is in fully demonstrable beta stage and will be ready for limited trials in the North Texas area early this summer.

The Sensori lawn mowing solution is a small, electric, location-aware robot that operates on cloud-based software. Efficiency is delivered via patent-pending, artificial intelligence-based location methodologies that can "mow any lawn anywhere," including under trees and near buildings. The mowers can be dropped off on a customer's site and users can press play on the mobile app. When the application alerts, the landscaper returns to the site to redeploy the robot to the next customer.

"Artificial Intelligence and robotics have finally reached a point where we can produce great solutions to real-world human problems like lawn care. Sensori's robotic mowers offer a range of benefits to both landscapers and customers, including reduced environmental impact, lower costs and increased capacity. We have the potential to transform the landscaping industry," says Ross Melbourne.

Brad Bush has recently joined Sensori Robotics as its CEO. Bush's background includes experience leading and growing start-up and medium-sized technology companies. He specializes in products that have both software and hardware components, as well as strategic positioning and M&A.

"I am excited to join Sensori Robotics and be part of the robotic revolution in lawn care. Our goal this year will be to gain market acceptance and raise our first round of external capital. This will enable us to fund production for the robots later in the year," Bush says.

Sensori Robotics is now receiving reservations for trial customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. For more information visit